The history of painkillers dates back to the 18th century when some scientist began to extract codeine and morphine out of the opium poppy, it was revolutionary but the problem was its dependence symptoms. Morphine was very addictive and codeine was less effective, it was mostly used as a cough syrup. They tried many other alternatives but nothing matched the effectiveness of morphine. Today we have synthetic opium analgesics which are less addictive and one of them is Soma 500mg.

What is pain?

It would have been a great achievement if a scientist can just remove the pain from our body. Now imagine you are sleeping and your house is on fire but you cannot feel pain, you won’t even know about the fire until you open your eyes. Pain tells us about our bodies’ dysfunction and alerts us, which is called reflexes. So you cannot just cure pain you have to cure the reason behind the pain.

Pain interacts with our brain through nociceptors nerve which signals the brain about the tissue damage. Our body releases dopamine, feel-good chemical when we feel the pain that’s where painkillers come in- painkillers also interact the same way as our natural process to cope with pain. Painkillers will release the increased flow of dopamine and make you feel comfortable.




Soma Carisoprodol

Soma pill is a synthetic opium drug which means it is a man-made substance which acts like opium analgesic. It is much safer than typical opium analgesic; soma pill is used to treat acute to severe pain- injury, muscle spasm, muscle relaxant and related pain. Carisoprodol is the active ingredient in the soma pill; it is a schedule IV controlled substance due to its narcotic properties. Carisoprodol is one of the most used drugs in America; soma pills are very effective as a muscle relaxant.

Dosage & Side-effects

You should not use this drug for more than three weeks, as it is an addictive substance so it is recommended that you use this drug under the supervision of your general physician. Dependence is a disease itself so you don’t want to use this drug, as it will lead you to other diseases. So it is best if you use it as prescribed so that you don’t have to go through dependence symptoms.

You should only use it as prescribed by your doctor. If we compare the Soma pill’s benefit and side-effects than the pin would be in the middle of the scale. It is always better if you can use less of these medicines in acute pain, but sometimes pain becomes unbearable and it is so frustrating that you cannot deal with it and you cannot even go on with your daily routine. Depression is another thing that can be an outcome of the pain.

So yes, nobody likes pain and nobody wants to feel low about their condition. Side-effects of soma pills are drowsiness, dizziness, agitation, nervousness, tremor, headache, and irritability. If you use it as prescribed you will have minimum side-effects and you should always check with your doctor before using this drug. If you are from the USA you can buy soma online with free shipping.

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